Northern Ireland

Man jailed for stamping on another's head

Londonderry courthouse
Image caption Londonderry Courthouse

A Londonderry man who stamped on another man's head leaving him in intensive care has been jailed at the city's crown court.

Brendan Callan, 29, of Bond's Hill admitted assaulting the man occasioning him actual bodily harm on 17 September 2014.

He was jailed for eight months.

The court was told that the injured party remembered nothing about the incident except trying to go home and waking up in hospital.

A prosecution lawyer said witnesses noticed Callan, a woman and the injured party in a lane way.

Callan was seen with a bottle of vodka at one stage.

The injured party was seen to fall on two occasions, banging his head off a tree and a wall but on both occasions was seen to get up again.

Another man went down to move the people on and helped Callan to walk away.

As he turned to help the woman, he heard "four hard thuds" and turned to see Callan stamping once on the other man's head.

'Heavily intoxicated'

The victim was described as being unconscious and in "a bad way", and was gurgling.

He was taken to Altnagelvin Hospital and was placed in the intensive care unit with swelling to the back of his head and his eyes.

Callan was arrested a short distance away.

His clothes were seized and the victim's blood was found on his tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

At interview, Callan said he could not remember anything about the night in question.

A defence lawyer said that all involved were "heavily intoxicated".

The judge said the fact that Callan was drunk was no defence.

"You are responsible for what you do drunk as you are sober." she told him.