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PSNI 'failed to meet more than half of performance targets'

Jonathan Craig
Image caption Jonathan Craig said the police performance had not been good enough

Police failed to meet more than half of performance targets set last year by the Policing Board, an Audit Office report has found.

It said the police had been set too many targets and suggested that a reduction would improve performance.

Jonathan Craig, chair of the board's performance committee, said the PSNI's performance had not been good enough.

"I think it is symptomatic of what has occurred between the board, the police and the auditor general," he said.

'Not enough effort'

"Last year, the board was very keen to set targets for the police.

"The police have been fighting back and saying there were far too many targets.

"The auditor general made it very clear there should be targets. I think that the lack of agreement and research behind the targets that were set has led to this situation where we now find over half of those targets have not been met."

Image caption Auditor General Kieran Donnelly said too many targets had been set

Mr Craig said it looked like some of the targets were not realistic, however he added; "It also looks like some of them were, quite frankly, ignored by the police and not enough effort was made to actually meet those targets."

He called for the introduction of "smart targets".

Publishing the latest report, Auditor General Kieran Donnelly said: "The Policing Board and PSNI have continued to make progress in developing appropriate targets for the Policing Plan, but there is still room for further improvement.

"In particular, there are too many targets. A reduction in the number of targets would help to ensure that efforts are clearly focused on improving performance in line with strategic priorities."

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