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Belfast Harbour and Titanic Quarter Ltd in dispute over infrastructure fees

Belfast Harbour
Image caption Belfast Harbour owns the development land leased to Titanic Quarter Ltd but both parties dispute the terms of deal, especially who should pay for infrastructure work

Belfast Harbour and the firm developing Titanic Quarter are in "fundamental dispute" about a deal underpinning the area's regeneration, a court has heard.

The harbour ultimately owns the land in the area which is leased to Titanic Quarter Ltd under a "master agreement."

The court heard "the meaning and operation" of that agreement has been in dispute since at least 2011.

The dispute partly concerns the terms under which the harbour should share the cost of infrastructure work.

'Significant impediment'

Titanic Quarter Ltd's barrister, Michael Humphreys QC, said his clients have a claim of £9m for disputed infrastructure fees.

The firm has previously said it was having difficulties advancing new projects with Belfast Harbour under the master agreement.

It described these difficulties as "the most significant impediment to the group's future progress".

A temporary exhibition centre opened at Titanic Quarter last year but a number of other projects have not been started despite having planning permission.

Those include two film studios which received permission in August 2014.

Friday's hearing dealt with preliminary matters and a full hearing is expected to take place later this year.

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