Northern Ireland

Facebook: Neil James Edwards accused of tricking woman into sending naked photos

A man has appeared in court accused of tricking a woman into sending explicit photos to him on Facebook and publishing some as "revenge porn".

Neil James Edwards, a train driver from Northampton in England, allegedly asked for photos while pretending to be a woman representing a modelling agency.

The father-of-two is also accused of blackmailing the alleged victim, a young woman from County Fermanagh.

Mr Edwards, 46, was refused bail at the court in Dungannon, County Tyrone.

The court heard the woman was persuaded to send naked photos of herself to the accused, in the belief they were to be used to construct a 3D image for her portfolio.

The train driver is accused of later notifying the woman's Facebook friends that the images had been posted elsewhere online.

Some of them were posted on so-called revenge porn websites.

It was claimed in court that she was blackmailed with demands for further photographs.

A prosecution lawyer said there was no evidence that the accused was interested in financial gain, but that this was about sexual gratification and control over women chosen at random.