Northern Ireland

'Viable device' found in Manor Close in north Belfast

A number of residents who were forced to leave their homes because of a security alert in north Belfast have been allowed to return.

It followed the discovery of a suspicious object in Manor Close in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Army bomb experts examined the object and said it was a "viable device".

Police did not give any more details on what was found but said it had been taken away for further examination.

Sinn Féin councillor Mary Doyle said it was her understanding that it was a pipe bomb.

"Apart from the danger of this device exploding and causing death or serious injury we have seen disruption to local residents on one of the coldest nights of the year," she said.

"People, including children and elderly were distressed at the disruption caused by this device.

"The people behind it have been rejected by the local community and need to desist from these activities immediately."