Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland technology firms launch European jobs drive

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A consortium of Northern Ireland technology employers is launching a recruitment drive across Europe in an attempt to tackle skills shortages.

Major firms like Deloitte and Citi are continuing to grow their technology operations in Belfast.

Queen's University in Belfast and the Ulster University are producing more IT graduates.

But employers say there are shortages of people with five or more years' experience.

The IT3Sixty consortium is targeting professionals in Madrid, Helsinki, Krakow and Athens.

IT3Sixty includes firms like Liberty IT, Citi, Equiniti ICS, Deloitte, Total Mobile, Iconi, Version 1, Intel and Civica.

Spokeswoman Clair Gheel said that while the the longer-term pipeline of skills "looks quite healthy", there is "an immediate shortage" of experienced professionals.

Some local IT employers have begun to outsource work to overseas locations, such is their difficulty in finding the right staff.

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