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Jonathon Porritt: Troubles 'no excuse for environmental failings'

Jonathon Porritt
Image caption Jonathon Porritt said there was no excuse for the environment to be neglected

Northern Ireland can no longer use its troubled past as an excuse for failings over the environment, according to one of the UK's foremost environmentalists.

Jonathon Porritt regularly visited Belfast during his time as chair of the Sustainable Development Commission.

He said that while there had been a justifiable focus on the political process, things needed to change.

"There's no excuse any longer for relegating the environment to a second-division issue," he said.

Speaking to BBC Radio Ulster's Inside Business programme, he said: "It has no excuse not to be as progressive, proactive and intelligent now about environment policy and wealth-creating through the environment as any other part of the UK.

"The kind of easy days, if you like, where there was an excuse not to do it are gone."

Inside Business is broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster and Radio Foyle at 13:30 BST on Sunday.

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