Joe Jordan and Robert Hill join Ukip in Northern Ireland

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David McNarry at UKIP annual conference
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David McNarry said Ukip was continuing to grow in Northern Ireland

A former president of Belfast Chamber of Commerce and a councillor in County Antrim have joined Ukip.

Joe Jordan was at the head of the chamber when it represented businesses during union flag protests in 2012.

Robert Hill was a DUP member of Newtownabbey Borough Council from 2005 but quit the party in November.

In May, he failed to be elected to the Antrim and Newtownabbey council that will form next year.

Mr Jordan said: "I am delighted to be joining Ukip here in Northern Ireland.

"I have had a long career in business and during my term as president of the Belfast Chamber of Commerce, I dealt with many of our local politicians on a regular basis.


"When I recently made the decision to get involved in politics, there was only ever going to be one home for me, and that was Ukip."

Mr Hill said: "It is a great relief for me to now be part of a democratic party of the people after years in the DUP - a party which is daily becoming more and more of a dictatorship.

"The DUP has failed in its attempts to re-engage with the grassroots. More than that, the hierarchy of that party is now out of touch, and shows utter contempt for many of its own hard-working party members."

Ukip's leader in Northern Ireland, David McNarry, said the party was continuing to grow.

"I am very pleased that Joe has made this decision to join Ukip today, and I am confident that his experience in the business world will be a great asset to us going forward.

"Joe and others are realising that Ukip can be a political home for those who want change, but are fed up with the tired old parties and the same old broken promises."