Northern Ireland

Revenue raising measures to pay for public services raised by NIO

The Northern Ireland Office has asked the five executive parties to consider what revenue raising measures it would introduce to pay for public services.

A discussion document obtained by the BBC said the main potential to raise money would be increases in rates or by introducing water charges.

It also suggests student fees, prescription charges and social housing rates as ways to raise revenue.

It is one of a number of papers circulated by the NIO.

The papers have been circulated as part of the current talks process.

The talks, which began last month are focusing on issues including flags, parades and the past, as well as welfare reform.

One NIO paper raises the issue of cutting the number of executive departments.

It said if departments were cut following the 2016 assembly election those details must be agreed by this Christmas.

The paper also states that revenue raising depends on the level of public service that the executive chooses to provide.

It states that it is hard to see how people in Northern Ireland will be able to receive public services of a similar standard to the rest of the UK unless they are making a similar contribution.

It said the executive needs to look at issues such as water charges, rates, social housing rents and prescription charges.

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