Ian Paisley: Memorial service for former first minister

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Media captionChris Buckler reports on Sunday's memorial service for Ian Paisley

A memorial service for Northern Ireland's former first minister Ian Paisley is to be held in Belfast on Sunday.

Mr Paisley died on 12 September at the age of 88.

The founder of the Democratic Unionist Party was buried following a private service at his family home in east Belfast.

At the time, his family said there would be a memorial service so that the public could pay their respects.

Mr Paisley was one of the best-known, most controversial and longest-serving figures in British politics.

He was a preacher who founded his own church and later his own political party.

The hard-line unionist leader was famous for his opposition to Irish republicanism and any involvement of the Republic of Ireland in Northern Ireland's affairs.

In 2007, after decades of opposing power-sharing agreements, he entered government with his former enemies, Sinn Fein.

Sunday's memorial service will be held at 15:00 BST at the Ulster Hall in Belfast and will be broadcast live on BBC Two Northern Ireland.

The Paisley family said that attendance to the event was by invitation only "due to the overwhelming numbers of those wishing to attend".

The guest list is expected to include relatives, friends and both nationalist and unionist politicians from Northern Ireland.

Ian Paisley's memorial service will be broadcast live on BBC Two Northern Ireland from 14:50 BST, Radio Ulster from 14:45 BST and is being streamed on the BBC news website.

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