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Peter and Iris Robinson report: Committee in closed meeting

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Media captionThe Stormont Standards and Privileges Committee discussed a report into the conduct of Peter Robinson and Iris Robinson.

Stormont's Standards and Privileges Committee has discussed a report on First Minister Peter Robinson and his wife, Iris, behind closed doors.

The report concerns issues raised in a BBC Spotlight programme four years ago.

It revealed Iris Robinson's financial and personal relationship with a 19-year-old businessman.

It is understood standards commissioner Douglas Bain has concluded that Peter Robinson did not breach the assembly code of conduct.

However, sources say Mrs Robinson has been found to have broken a Stormont rule.

The Spotlight programme of January 2010, revealed Mrs Robinson's dealings with her teenage lover Kirk McCambley, including obtaining £50,000 from two property developers in order to help Mr McCambley secure a tender for a south Belfast café, the Lock Keeper's Inn.

Mr Bain completed his report in November last year but its publication was delayed after a lawyer acting for Mrs Robinson was concerned that some material might infringe his client's privacy and have a negative impact on her health.

Committee members were given a chance to examine the report earlier this week, but were not allowed to take copies away from the reading room.

Stormont sources indicated it clears the DUP leader Mr Robinson of any breach of the MLAs' code of conduct.

However, it was suggested that Mrs Robinson was found to have broken a rule by not declaring receiving the cash from the developers and therefore risking the perception of a conflict of interests.

Mrs Robinson withdrew from public life after the scandal broke four years ago.

It is understood she declined to be interviewed by the standards commissioner on health grounds.

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