Northern Ireland

Most popular NI baby names for 2013 are Emily, Grace and Jack

Prince George Image copyright PA
Image caption Prince George: A famous 2013 newborn, but only 46 babies in NI shared his name

Emily, Grace and Jack were the most popular first names for babies born in Northern Ireland in 2013.

The two girls' names tied for the top spot, while James took second place for boys.

Jack has been the most popular boy's name for the last decade.

Sophie fell two places from being the most popular girl's name in 2012.

The figures, compiled by the NI Statistics and Research Agency, show that 293 babies were named Jack, and 203 named Emily and Grace.

Luke and Ella significantly increased in popularity.

Four of the top 10 boys' names from 2003 are still present in the top 10 today (Jack, James, Daniel and Matthew).

None of the girls' names from the top 10 in 2003 remain in the top 10 today.

Prince George is perhaps the most famous baby born in 2013, but his name ranks only 68th among babies born in Northern Ireland.