Northern Ireland

East Belfast: Petrol bombs thrown at police officers

A car was burned out in east Belfast
Image caption A car was destroyed during trouble in east Belfast

Police officers have been attacked with petrol bombs and paint in east Belfast, the PSNI has said.

It happened as officers responded to a report of a burning car in Castlereagh Street at about 23:15 BST on Tuesday.

Additional police officers were sent to the area.

Chief Inspector David Moore said an increased police presence in the area should "act as a deterrent to individuals who may be considering orchestrating any attack".

He said: "This police presence has also sought, where possible, to identify people involved and where there is evidence of an offence, we will take action to bring these offenders before the courts.

"Parents are reminded to ensure that they know the whereabouts of their children as anyone that is caught engaging in disorder or criminal damage is likely to end up with a criminal record."

It happened at about 00:30 BST on Wednesday after a number of youths had gathered in the area.