Northern Ireland

Derry arson attack: 'someone could've died'

A Londonderry man has said someone could have been killed after a car was set on fire close to his elderly parents' home.

A red BMW coupe was set on fire at Sandale Park at about 07:30 BST on Sunday.

Police have said they are investigating the cause of the fire, but believe it was started deliberately.

Liam Crossan tackled the fire himself with buckets of water.

"We were lying in bed when I heard sounds outside," said Mr McCrossan.

"I looked out and saw the car on fire. I got buckets of water and it wasn't going out.

"We called the fire service and we then saw an aerosol can beside the car, which exploded.

"It could be a very different story today.

"My mum and dad heard nothing and they were so happy I was there.

"I don't understand why someone would do something like this on such a quiet street with children and elderly people.

"Someone could've died because there were other cars nearby."