Northern Ireland heatwave in photos


Northern Ireland has been basking in beautiful sunshine this week, and BBC News NI readers have been sending us photographs of what they have seen while out and about.

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Image source, Amanda Killen

Amanda Killen was up early in the morning on Castlerock beach to watch the sunrise, and she says it was very warm and humid even at that time. "The depth of colour in the clouds was extraordinary," she says.

Image source, Maureen Kane

Sunshine and showers is a familiar feature of our summer weather forecasts. Maureen Kane says: "I was out walking around East Strand, and during a shower I looked over towards Bengore Head and saw what looked like rainbow colours on the horizon."

Image source, Derek McConville

The sunshine also brings colourful wildlife out in force. "Summer is here when the small tortoiseshell butterflies make an appearance in our garden," says Derek McConville from Lisburn.

Image source, Maureen Robinson

Rose Week at Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park in south Belfast is a summer tradition. Maureen Robinson's photograph captures some of the vibrant colours on display.

Image source, Evelyn McCullough

People were still out enjoying the sunshine at Portstewart promenade at 9pm when the temperature was still 25 degrees, says Evelyn McCullough. "I've never seen so many people in the sea here before," she says.

Image source, Ken Cox

By the time the sun set over Portstewart, the crowds had disappeared. The Red Sails festival is on in the town this week, and Ken Cox says there was a sunset to match.

Image source, Jim McGann

At the end of the day, the sun was still big in the sky over Lough Neagh in this image captured by Jim McGann.