Northern Ireland

Hangovers 'prompt' two-thirds of false NI sick days says survey

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Image caption The UK average for using a hangover to have a sick day was 32%

Almost two-thirds of Northern Ireland workers who have admitted to lying for a sick day said it was down to a hangover, research has found.

A survey of 2,000 UK workers by Price Waterhouse Coopers found that a third of employees from Northern Ireland had admitted to having lied or exaggerated the truth to take time off work.

Of those, 71% said a hangover prompted them to do so.

The UK average for using a hangover as an excuse for a sick day was 32%.

Other reasons used by NI workers to take a sick day included to watch a sporting event (17%), being bored with their job (34%) and job interviews (26%).

One-in-six local employees admitted to having lied to take a day off work due to good weather.

The research indicated that the days lost due to staff taking sick days could potentially cost the local economy £8m every year.

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