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Ciaran McCleave trial: CCTV 'not used for gratification'

A civilian CCTV operator accused of voyeurism admits he trained the camera on a woman's living room but denies doing it for sexual gratification, a court has heard.

Ciaran McCleave, 50, from Collinwood Gardens, Newtownabbey, was based at Antrim Road police station in Belfast.

He denies one count of misconduct in a public office, one count of voyeurism and six counts of attempted voyeurism.

The offences allegedly took place in October and November 2012.

Transcripts of three police interviews were read to the jury at Belfast Crown Court.

'Party house'

The court heard that when asked by a detective if he had been asked by police to keep an eye on the house, he said he had not.

He told the detective someone had told him it was a "party house" with a lot of comings and goings, and he had thought drugs may have been dealt from the apartment.

When he was questioned about the alleged voyeurism, Mr McCleave replied: "I know I shouldn't have been looking into her living room window."

"When the officer pointed out that the woman was in a state of undress, Mr McCleave was asked whether he gained gratification from this. He replied: "No, no."

The court heard he was repeatedly asked why he had trained the CCTV camera on her window for so long.

Mr McCleave said he "didn't think she would come back near the window with nothing on".

He also said he may have left to make himself a cup of tea while the camera was still trained on her home.

The trial continues.

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