Northern Ireland

Back to school for BBC News NI weather presenter Cecilia Daly

BBC News NI weather presenter Cecilia Daly goes back to school and pays a visit to the pupils of Belmont primary school in east Belfast.

Mrs Hodgins' children listening to Cecilia tell them why weather is important as they watch a car pass through a flooded road. The primary three pupils listen while Cecilia explains the water cycle and how the oceans around the world are the source of moisture for most of our rain-bearing clouds

The pupils are encouraged to ask questions, but the main questions from the children are about hurricanes and where twisters come from!

The class have been keeping their own weather record throughout the month of May, and comparing their diary with the forecasts on BBC Newsline each weeknight.

The questions keep on coming as the pupils ask how the weather is forecast and show off some of their own classroom equipment for analysing the weather.

The children have even written their own weather poem, which they read to Cecilia.

At the end of the day, the pupils presented Cecilia with an achievement badge... for "doing a good job at weather forecasting". She says it was the best award she has ever received.

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Media captionBelmont Road Primary School pupil Lucy presents Cecilia with her achievement badge