Northern Ireland

Abbey Grammar apologises to Ryan Collins for bullying delay

A Newry grammar school has apologised to a former pupil who has been awarded £10,000 because of the way the school dealt with bullying.

A judge said that if the Abbey Grammar had acted more quickly, some of the bullying could have been avoided.

The former schoolboy, Ryan Collins, is now 19 years old.

The abuse he suffered from other pupils during his early years at the school was said to have caused lasting psychological damage.

He claimed the Newry school had been negligent in not protecting him from the bullying.

Judge Brian Walker said it was clear that the schoolboy had suffered a lot of abuse and was an embittered young man.

He said the school was excellent and its actions adequate, but he criticised the delay in putting them fully into action.

In apologising, the Abbey Grammar said Ryan's experience fell short of what it would have wanted for him. It is reviewing its pastoral care provision.


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