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Tour of the North barred from Crumlin Road at Ardoyne

Last year's Tour of the North Image copyright PAcemaker
Image caption Restrictions have been placed on the annual north Belfast parade

An Orange Order parade next week will not be allowed to walk along part of a road that separates nationalist and loyalist communities in north Belfast.

The annual Tour of the North parade is being held on Friday 20 June.

A Parades Commission determination on Thursday placed a number of restrictions on the parade.

Ballysillan Orange lodge is not allowed to parade along Woodvale Road and Crumlin Road between Woodvale Parade and Hesketh Road on the return route.

A loyalist protest is continuing in the area after the Orange Order was stopped from returning along the same stretch of road during last year's 12 July parade.

In addition, bands must only play a single drumbeat as they pass St Patrick's Catholic Church on Donegall Street.

No supporters will be allowed to accompany the parade on Donegall Street. The parade must disperse no later than 21:00 BST.

Image copyright Olivier Bernard
Image caption Gerry Kelly said he was forced to cling to the front of a moving PSNI Land Rover after last year's parade

The commission has also ruled that no more than 50 people can take part in a nationalist protest at Carrickhill.

An Orange Order spokesman expressed "huge disappointment" at the decision.

"This new Parades Commission is quickly losing its shine and is mimicking its predecessor, rather than bringing a fresh perspective."

Earlier a priest from St Patrick's Church welcomed the Orange Order's announcement that it had instructed its members to "play hymns only" as they pass the church.

A number of arrests were made during and after the parade last year while there was also a controversial incident when Sinn Féin assembly member Gerry Kelly was driven a short distance while clinging to a police Land Rover.

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