Northern Ireland

Vote 2014: North Down and Ards council candidates

Elections for Northern Ireland's 11 new councils will be held on 22 May 2014.

Here is a full list of candidates running, in seven District Electoral Areas (DEAs), for 40 seats on North Down and Ards council.

DEA: Ards Peninsula (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Robert Hugh Adair DUP Elected
Kellie Mary Armstrong Alliance Party Elected
Sheila Bailie Sinn Féin Eliminated
Joseph Timothy Boyle SDLP Elected
John David Bustard NI21 Eliminated
Angus Yeamann Carson Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Nigel Edmund DUP Elected
Paul Leeman NI Conservatives Eliminated
Colin Robert McCormick Alliance Party Eliminated
Edward Burns Thompson DUP Elected
Louise Sara Alexandra Wallace DUP Eliminated
Ards Peninsula full details
DEA: Bangor Central (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Stuart David Anderson Alliance Party Elected
Colin Mark Breen Independent Eliminated
Alistair John Cathcart DUP Elected
David Alan Chambers Independent Eliminated
William Lee Cudworth TUV Eliminated
Roberta Mahood Dunlop DUP Eliminated
Nicholas Richard David Fell Alliance Party Eliminated
Peter James Floyd NI21 Eliminated
Mark Currell Gordon Community Partnership (Northern Ireland) Eliminated
Adam Harbinson DUP Eliminated
Ian John Cyril Henry Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Wesley Graham Irvine DUP Elected
Mary Louise Macartney Independent Eliminated
Carl Christian McClean Ulster Unionist Party Elected
William John Montgomery UKIP Eliminated
Noelle Anne Robinson Green Party Elected
David Kenneth Symington NI Conservatives Eliminated
Bangor Central full details
DEA: Bangor East and Donaghadee (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Mark Ronald Brooks Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Albert Alan Chambers Independent Elected
Christopher Ryan Eisenstadt Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Trana Gray Green Party Eliminated
William David Keery DUP Elected
Terence Hamilton Malcolm DUP Eliminated
Peter James Martin DUP Elected
Brian Alexander McBride NI Conservatives Eliminated
William John Phineas McKee NI21 Eliminated
Thomas John Smith DUP Elected
Joseph Edward Strutt TUV Eliminated
Patrick John Toms UKIP Eliminated
Gavin Walker Alliance Elected
Bangor East and Donaghadee full details
DEA: Bangor West (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Alison Elizabeth Blayney Community Partnership (Northern Ireland) Eliminated
Mark Brotherston NI Conservatives Eliminated
Steven Bernard Denny NI21 Eliminated
Robert Samuel John Gordon TUV Eliminated
Robert Alan Graham DUP Elected
Alan Leslie DUP Elected
Ingrid Logan SDLP Eliminated
Paul Andrew Roberts Green Party Elected
Marion Smith Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Laurance G D Thompson Alliance Party Eliminated
Scott Alfred Wilson Alliance Party Elected
Bangor West full details
DEA: Comber (Five seats)
Name Party Status
John William Hunter Andrews NI Conservatives Eliminated
Stephen James Cooper TUV Elected
Trevor William Cummings DUP Elected
James Edward Chandler Fletcher Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Robert Gibson DUP Elected
Deborah Mary Louise Girvan Alliance Party Elected
Isabella Hanna UKIP Eliminated
Margaret Jayne Howson NI21 Eliminated
John Mervyn Oswald DUP Eliminated
Philip Geoffrey Smith Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Comber full details
DEA: Holywood and Clandeboye (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Daniel Allen Ulster Unionist Party Elected
John Barry Green Party Elected
Stephen Gordon Dunne DUP Elected
Jennifer Mary Gilmour DUP Elected
Matthew Ian Johnston NI21 Eliminated
Gerard Gabriel Alphonsus Leddy Independent Eliminated
Peter Gerard Lismore SDLP Eliminated
James Hamilton McKerrow Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Andrew David Muir Alliance Party Elected
Kate Siobhan Nicholl Alliance Party Eliminated
William David Fergus O'Callaghan NI Conservatives Eliminated
Holywood and Clandeboye full details
DEA: Newtownards (Seven seats)
Name Party Status
Naomi Esther Hannah Armstrong DUP Elected
Linda Cleland Alliance Party Eliminated
Ian Stephen Alexander Cox Independent Eliminated
John Colville Elliott DUP Eliminated
Katherine Ferguson Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Sharon Elizabeth Hunt Independent Eliminated
Nichola Keenan NI21 Eliminated
Colin George Dallas Kennedy DUP Elected
Alan Joseph McDowell Alliance Party Elected
Stephen Harold McIlveen DUP Elected
William Wallace McKendry NI Conservatives Eliminated
David Mark McMullen TUV Eliminated
James Menagh Independent Elected
Richard John Smart Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Newtownards full details