Northern Ireland

Vote 2014: Fermanagh and Omagh council candidates

Elections for Northern Ireland's 11 new councils will be held on 22 May 2014.

Here is a full list of candidates running, in seven District Electoral Areas (DEAs), for 40 seats on Fermanagh and Omagh council.

DEA: Enniskillen (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Pat Cox Independent Eliminated
Debbie Coyle Sinn Féin Elected
Donald Crawford TUV Eliminated
Shirley Elaine Donaldson DUP Eliminated
Keith Alan Elliott DUP Elected
Ann Gormley Alliance Party Eliminated
Robert Irvine Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Basil Richard Johnston Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Tommy Maguire Sinn Féin Elected
Donal O'Cofaigh Fermanagh Against Fracking Eliminated
Patricia Rogers SDLP Elected
Laurence Speight Green Party Eliminated
Howard Thornton Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Enniskillen full details
DEA: Erne East (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Sheamus Greene Sinn Féin Elected
Kate Mulligan Sinn Féin Eliminated
Brian McCaffrey Sinn Féin Elected
Richie McPhillips SDLP Elected
Thomas O'Reilly Sinn Féin Elected
Fred Parkinson UKIP Eliminated
Paul Robinson DUP Elected
Victor Warrington Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Erne East full details
DEA: Erne North (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Rosemary Barton Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Paul Patrick Blake SDLP Eliminated
John James Coyle SDLP Elected
Alex Elliott TUV Eliminated
Raymond Farrell Ulster Unionist Party Elected
John Feely Sinn Féin Elected
James Alexander Fleming DUP Eliminated
Peter Jones Sinn Féin Eliminated
David Robert Mahon DUP Elected
Erne North full details
DEA: Erne West (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Alex Baird Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Jeremy Campbell DUP Eliminated
Barry Vincent Doherty Sinn Féin Elected
Anthony Feely Sinn Féin Elected
Brendan Thomas Gallagher SDLP Elected
Leanne Maguire Sinn Féin Eliminated
Bernice Swift Independent Elected
Erne West full details
DEA: Mid Tyrone (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Andrew Bullick Alliance Party Eliminated
Charlie Chittick DUP Eliminated
Sean Clarke Sinn Féin Elected
Sean Donnelly Sinn Féin Elected
Anne Marie Fitzgerald Sinn Féin Elected
Ciaran McClean Green Party Eliminated
Bernard Edwards McGrath SDLP Eliminated
Barry Kevin McNally Sinn Féin Elected
Rosemarie Shields SDLP Elected
Bert Wilson Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Mid Tyrone full details
DEA: Omagh (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Eric Bullick Alliance Party Eliminated
Adele Crawford DUP Eliminated
Josephine Anne Deehan SDLP Elected
Joanne Donnelly SDLP Elected
Catherine Kelly Sinn Féin Eliminated
Gabrielle Bridget McAleer Independent Eliminated
Sorcha McAnespy Sinn Féin Elected
Marty McColgan Sinn Féin Elected
Chris Smyth Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Errol Ivan Thompson DUP Elected
Omagh full details
DEA: West Tyrone (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Mark Thomas Buchanan DUP Elected
Glenn Gerard Campbell Sinn Féin Elected
Frankie Jerome Donnelly Sinn Féin Elected
Stephen Donnelly Alliance Party Eliminated
Mary Therese Garrity SDLP Elected
Cathal Lynch SDLP Eliminated
Stephen McCann Sinn Féin Elected
Allan Rainey Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Elaine Thompson DUP Eliminated
Susan Anne White Independent Eliminated
West Tyrone full details