Northern Ireland

Vote 2014: Derry and Strabane council candidates

Elections for Northern Ireland's 11 new councils will be held on 22 May 2014.

Here is a full list of candidates running, in seven District Electoral Areas (DEAs), for 40 seats on Derry and Strabane council.

DEA: Ballyarnett (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Jimmy Carr Independent Eliminated
Angela Dobbins SDLP Elected
Sandra Duffy Sinn Féin Elected
Tony Hassan Sinn Féin Elected
Elisha McCallion Sinn Féin Elected
Danny McCloskey Alliance Party Eliminated
Colm O'Connor SDLP Eliminated
Dermot Dee Quigley Independent Elected
Brian Tierney SDLP Elected
Ballyarnett full details
DEA: Derg (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Marie Ash SDLP Eliminated
Derek R Hussey Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Thomas Kerrigan DUP Elected
Kieran McGuire Sinn Féin Elected
Maolíosa McHugh Sinn Féin Elected
Ruairí McHugh Sinn Féin Elected
Jim McIntyre SDLP Eliminated
Robert Oliver TUV Eliminated
Sharon Smyth DUP Eliminated
Derg full details
DEA: Faughan (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Geoff Cruickshank UKIP Eliminated
Maurice Devenney DUP Elected
Paul Fleming Sinn Féin Elected
Gus Hastings SDLP Elected
David Hawthorne Alliance Party Eliminated
Paul Hughes Independent Eliminated
Michael McCrossan Sinn Féin Eliminated
Ronnie McKeegan Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Jim McKeever SDLP Elected
Gary Middleton DUP Elected
Brenda Stevenson SDLP Eliminated
Faughan full details
DEA: Foyleside (Five seats)
Name Party Status
John Boyle SDLP Elected
Daniel Comer Alliance Party Eliminated
Mickey Cooper Sinn Féin Elected
Shauna Cusack SDLP Elected
Rory Farrell SDLP Eliminated
Sha Gillespie People Before Profit Alliance Eliminated
Eric McGinley Sinn Féin Elected
Barney O'Hagan Sinn Féin Eliminated
Darren Pio O'Reilly Independent Elected
Foyleside full details
DEA: Sperrin (Seven seats)
Name Party Status
Allan Bresland DUP Elected
Karina Carlin Sinn Féin Elected
Paul (GAGS) Gallagher Independent Elected
Rhonda Hamilton DUP Elected
William Jamieson Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Dan Kelly Sinn Féin Elected
Patsy Kelly SDLP Elected
Patrick Leonard SDLP Eliminated
Brian McMahon Sinn Féin Elected
Eugene Anthony McMenamin Independent Eliminated
Liam Stewart SDLP Eliminated
Diarmuid Ward Sinn Féin Eliminated
Sperrin full details
DEA: The Moor (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Kevin Campbell Sinn Féin Elected
Sean Carr SDLP Elected
Gary John Donnelly Independent Elected
Emmet Doyle SDLP Eliminated
Liam Friel Sinn Féin Eliminated
Dermott Sean Henderson SDLP Eliminated
Colly Kelly Sinn Féin Elected
Patricia Logue Sinn Féin Elected
Patrick Mellon Independent Eliminated
The Moor full details
DEA: Waterside (Seven seats)
Name Party Status
Michael Carlin Independent Eliminated
Gerard Martin Diver SDLP Elected
Nigel Gardiner PUP Eliminated
Mary Hamilton Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Christopher Jackson Sinn Féin Elected
Julia Kee Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Asta Kereviciene Alliance Party Eliminated
Dave Malcolm UKIP Eliminated
Hilary McClintock DUP Elected
Niree McMorris DUP Eliminated
Bridget Meehan Sinn Féin Eliminated
David Ramsey DUP Elected
Martin Reilly SDLP Elected
Drew Thompson DUP Elected
Kyle Thompson UKIP Eliminated
Waterside full details