Northern Ireland

Vote 2014: Causeway Coast and Glens council candidates

Elections for Northern Ireland's 11 new councils will be held on 22 May 2014.

Here is a full list of candidates running, in seven District Electoral Areas (DEAs), for 40 seats on Causeway Coast and Glens council.

DEA: Ballymoney (Seven seats)
Name Party Status
William Blair TUV Elected
Harry Boyle SDLP Eliminated
John Finlay DUP Elected
Stephen William McFarland Alliance Party Eliminated
Philip McGuigan Sinn Féin Elected
Jamise McIlhagga TUV Eliminated
Tom McKeown Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Alan McLean DUP Elected
Angela Mulholland SDLP Eliminated
Charley 'Pappy' O'Kane Independent Eliminated
Leanne Peacock Sinn Féin Eliminated
James Simpson NI Conservatives Eliminated
Ian Richard Stevenson DUP Elected
Jonathan Wallace DUP Eliminated
Darryl Wilson Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Ballymoney full details
DEA: Bann (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Ciaran Archibald Sinn Féin Eliminated
Sam Cole DUP Elected
Elizabeth Collins TUV Eliminated
Richard John Holmes Ulster Unionist Party Elected
William King Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Michelle Knight-McQuillan DUP Elected
Roisin Loftus SDLP Elected
Charlie McConaghy Alliance Party Eliminated
Bann full details
DEA: Benbradagh (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Orla Beattie SDLP Elected
Michael Coyle SDLP Eliminated
Boyd Douglas TUV Elected
Tony McCaul Sinn Féin Elected
Sean McGlinchey Sinn Féin Elected
Dermot Nicholl Sinn Féin Elected
Edgar Scott DUP Eliminated
Benbradagh full details
DEA: Causeway (Seven seats)
Name Party Status
Leanne Abernethy Independent Eliminated
David Alexander NI21 Eliminated
Frank Ambrose Campbell DUP Elected
Mark Fielding DUP Elected
Barney Fitzpatrick Alliance Party Elected
Maura Hickey SDLP Elected
Norman Hillis Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Sandra Hunter Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Bill Kennedy DUP Eliminated
Angela Knott DUP Eliminated
Sharon McKillop TUV Elected
Robert McPherson Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
Adrian Parke UKIP Eliminated
Thomas Stirling TUV Eliminated
Alison Torrens Independent Eliminated
Causeway full details
DEA: Coleraine (Six seats)
Name Party Status
Yvonne Boyle Alliance Party Eliminated
Trevor Clarke DUP Elected
Tommy Collins TUV Eliminated
Tracy Craig DUP Eliminated
George Duddy DUP Elected
Billy Ellis Independent Eliminated
Phyllis Fielding DUP Eliminated
Margaret Fleming Sinn Féin Eliminated
David Harding Ulster Unionist Party Elected
William McCandless Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Christopher McCaw NI21 Eliminated
William Ogilby UKIP Eliminated
Stephanie Quigley SDLP Elected
Russell Watton PUP Elected
Coleraine full details
DEA: Limavady (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Jason Allen SDLP Eliminated
Aaron Callan Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Brenda Chivers Sinn Féin Elected
Rory Donaghy Sinn Féin Eliminated
Howard Gordon TUV Eliminated
Jonathan Samuel Holmes DUP Eliminated
Raymond Kennedy Ulster Unionist Party Eliminated
James Alexander McCorkell DUP Elected
Gerry Mullan SDLP Elected
Richard Nicholl UKIP Eliminated
Alan Robinson DUP Elected
Limavady full details
DEA: The Glens (Five seats)
Name Party Status
Joan Baird Ulster Unionist Party Elected
Donal Cunningham SDLP Eliminated
Ambrose Martin Laverty Independent Eliminated
Colin Mayrs Alliance Party Eliminated
Joanne McKeown SDLP Eliminated
Margaret Anne McKillop SDLP Elected
Cara McShane Sinn Féin Elected
Padraig Pearse McShane Independent Elected
Kieran James Mulholland Sinn Féin Elected
Cyril Quigg TUV Eliminated
Evelyne Robinson DUP Eliminated
Colum Thompson Sinn Féin Eliminated
The Glens full details