Northern Ireland

Profile of Anglo Irish guilty bankers


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Pat Whelan's barrister portrayed him as a working class boy made good.

The court was told Mr Whelan grew up in Dublin's north inner city and worked his way up through the bank despite having no college degree or professional qualifications.

Whelan started as a lender and later became the bank's chief risk officer.

In 2007, he rose to become the head of lending in Ireland which put him in charge of a loan book of around 40bn euros.

That job also meant he played a key part in liaising with Sean Quinn and rounding up the 10 customers who were used to unwind Mr Quinn's massive bet on the bank.


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Mr McAteer is a qualified accountant who is originally from Donegal.

He joined the bank in 1992 and, as well as being finance director, also served as chief risk officer for a time.

The prosecution described him as a "discreet man" who managed to say nothing in exact terms when being interviewed under caution.