Northern Ireland

Vote 2014: Northern Ireland European election result

Northern Ireland elects three Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) using the Single Transferable Vote system. The candidates who ran are listed here, alphabetically by party.

The quota is 156,532 votes - any individual candidate who gets this many votes will be elected straightaway.

Turnout was 635,927 or 51.84% of possible voters. This was higher than the last European elections in 2009, when 488,891 people - 42.8% of the electorate - went to the polls.

Candidate Party First pref. votes First pref. vote share Status
Anna Lo Alliance 44,432 7.1% Eliminated
Mark Brotherston Conservative 4,144 0.7% Eliminated
Diane Dodds DUP 131,163 20.9% Elected
Ross Brown Green Party 10,598 1.7% Eliminated
Tina McKenzie NI21 10,553 1.7% Eliminated
Martina Anderson Sinn Féin 159,813 25.5% Elected
Alex Attwood SDLP 81,594 13% Eliminated
Jim Allister TUV 75,806 12.1% Eliminated
Henry Reilly UKIP 24,584 3.9% Eliminated
Jim Nicholson Ulster Unionist 83,438 13.3% Elected

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