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Omagh bomb: Extra time to question Seamus Daly

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Image caption Twenty-nine people, including a woman pregnant with twins, were killed in the 1998 attack

Police investigating the Omagh bombing have been given more time to question 43-year-old Seamus Daly.

Daly was one of four men ordered to pay more than £1.5m in damages to the families of those killed in the Real IRA attack in August 1998.

He was one of five men named in a BBC Panorama programme Who Bombed Omagh in October 2000, which investigated the attack that killed 29 people.

No-one has been convicted of carrying out the bombing in a criminal court.

However, relatives of some of the victims brought a civil action against five men they claimed were responsible, including Seamus Daly.

The court ruled that the men were responsible for the attack. Daly and another man were later ordered to pay £1.6m damages.

Among those killed in the attack was a woman pregnant with twins.

It was the worst single atrocity during more than 30 years of violence in Northern Ireland.

Police have been given an additional 34 hours to question Daly, who is from Culloville, County Monaghan.

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