Northern Ireland

Scottish woman jailed for Belfast 'glassing'

A Scottish woman who hit a woman in the forehead with a glass in a Belfast nightclub has been jailed.

Alexandria McNairn, from Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, must serve 15 months in custody and 15 months on licence.

Natasha Quinn, 21, was left scarred for life when McNairn attacked her in El Divino last June.

In February, McNairn admitted unlawfully and maliciously wounding Ms Quinn, with intent to do her grievous bodily harm.

Both women had been in the riverside El Divino nightclub beside Belfast's River Lagan.

McNairn kicked Ms Quinn on the back of the legs, before grabbing her by the throat and smashing a glass into her face.

The resulting crescent moon-shaped deep laceration, which has left a permanent scar, needed over a dozen external sutures, in addition to a number of internal stitches.