Northern Ireland

400,000 gallon slurry spill pollutes River Ballinderry, County Tyrone

A slurry spillage of more than 400,000 gallons has polluted a river in County Tyrone.

Around three miles of the River Ballinderry may have been affected after the slurry escaped from a farm in the Cookstown area.

The environmental impact has been assessed as high.

The source of the spill has been identified but will not be revealed as a Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) investigation is continuing.

"I am concerned that such a large amount of slurry has polluted the local environment here," said Environment Minister Mark H Durkan.

"The important thing now is for the problem to be addressed quickly and professionally.

"I welcome the fact that NIEA staff have acted swiftly here and I will be keeping a close eye on developments."

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