Irish police declare storm emergency in County Kilkenny

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Media captionStrong winds tore the roof of Limerick Boat Club in the Republic of Ireland

Police in the Republic of Ireland have declared a major emergency in County Kilkenny and have asked people to stay indoors.

High winds caused power cuts, brought down trees, damaged buildings, closed schools and overturned lorries across the south and west of the country.

Winds of up to 100mph (160kmh) were recorded at Shannon airport in County Clare.

Gusts of 93mph were recorded at Waterford airport.

Police, the Health and Safety Executive, local authorities and other groups in Kilkenny are working off a major emergency plan that details a co-ordinated response to such incidents.

There are no specific reports of any injuries.

In a statement, police said the priority would be reopening routes to the hospital.

Kilkenny's city and county manager Joe Crockett told Irish state broadcaster RTÉ: "The roof has gone off the old stand at Nolan park which is the main GAA stadium."

Police and county council officials have advised people to stay indoors and avoid any unnecessary travel.

Jerry O'Sullivan, managing director of energy supplier ESB Networks said: "We are dealing with a situation that is as bad if not worse than anything that we have seen in the past decade."