Northern Ireland

'Sex slavery' couple identified after court ruling

A husband and wife accused in connection with a sexual slavery case can be identified, a court in Northern Ireland has ruled.

The couple are 57-year-old Keith Baker and his wife, Caroline Bernadette, 51, from Drumellen Mews, Craigavon, County Armagh.

Mr Baker faces 15 charges against two women, one of whom suffers from a severe learning disability.

The charges include rape, voyeurism, and human trafficking for sex offences.

He is also charged with sexual assault, aiding and abetting rape and false imprisonment.

It is alleged one of the women was kept in squalid conditions, and repeatedly sexually abused over a 10-year period by Mr Baker, his wife and "a number of unknown males".

Press representations

It is also alleged Mr Baker filmed the woman in sexual activity with these men.

Mrs Baker is charged with falsely and injuriously imprisoning the same, vulnerable woman between January 2004 and December 2012.

She is also accused of a total of eight sexual offences, which involve allegedly having carried out or encouraged sexual acts in the knowledge the victim was unable to refuse due to her learning disability.

On Friday, at Craigavon Magistrates Court District, Judge Rosemary Watters said: "I am lifting reporting restrictions in the case as the court has no power to implement them in these circumstances."

This is the second successful case in Craigavon in which press representations were made to the Lord Chief Justice's Office to have reporting restrictions lifted.

In respect of this case, Mrs Baker remains remanded on continuing bail, whilst Mr Baker remains in custody.

The case is due back in court at the end of February.