Northern Ireland

Vandal smashes eight car windows in Belfast city centre

Car with smashed windows
Image caption Jim O'Doherty faced a 70-mile journey home in the rain with a smashed window

Windows were smashed in eight cars parked in Belfast city centre early on New Year's Day.

It happened at Academy Street at about 04:45 GMT.

Police believe a man wearing a grey hooded top and dark body-warmer caused the damage. He made off in the direction of Dunbar Link.

One of the car owners, who had travelled from Londonderry for New Year celebrations, said he faced a difficult journey home.

"There's nothing stolen, but it's a real mess," said Jim O'Doherty.

"I'm going to have to travel back to Derry in the pouring rain. I don't know if that bit of plastic I've put over the car door is going to hold."