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UK culture year draws to close with Relief of Derry symphony

Relief of Derry
Image caption A full stage at the Relief of Derry symphony
Image caption About 220 musicians crammed on to the stage for a rousing performance
Image caption Pipers on stage for the Relief of Derry symphony
Image caption A lone piper works his magic
Image caption The skirl of pipes - a fitting end to the UK City of Culture year

Londonderry's UK City of Culture year drew to a close on a high on Friday evening with a crowd-pulling symphony - the last major event.

It followed a year of headline events, from BBC Radio One's Big Weekend to the Lumière festival that lit up buildings across the city.

Another highlight was the Turner art prize - Derry was the first time it was staged outside England.

The swan song was the Relief of Derry symphony on Friday.

About 220 musicians and singers crammed onto the stage.

The party is nearly over, the venue will be dismantled and soon, it will be time for the city of Hull to prepare for its reign as the new UK City of Culture.

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