Northern Ireland

Dead horses found on remote hillside near Clogher, County Tyrone

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Media captionThe skeletal remains of one of the horses found on the remote hillside between County Tyrone and County Monaghan

A number of dead horses have been discovered on a remote hillside between County Tyrone and County Monaghan.

Some of the carcasses were lying in a stream along the border, about half a mile from the nearest road.

Concerns had been raised in recent weeks about the welfare of horses that roam in the area near Clogher.

Last month a number of horses were seized by animal welfare officers working for Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council.

The council said an investigation was being carried out.

The BBC found the bodies of four dead horses and the skeletal remains of one or possibly two more.

It is not known who owns the horses, how they died or how long the bodies have lain there.

Several horses can still be seen grazing in the area.