Northern Ireland

Bogus electricity devices bought in Northern Ireland

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Media captionRichard Knipe from Trading Standards warned about the safety of the device

Thousands of people across Northern Ireland are buying bogus electricity saving devices, investigators at Trading Standards believe.

Some companies are selling small plug-in devices that simply do not work.

The PSNI has seized hundreds of products. Investigators believe many of the bogus devices being sold in NI are imported from east Asia.

They are then marketed by various means, included cold-calling over the phone.

Richard Knipe from Trading Standards said the devices are sold for about £100 or more and the sellers promise they will cut electricity costs by up to 25%.

Image caption The devices are sold for about £100 each

"We believe that many of these devices will represent virtually no saving whatsoever to the consumer," he said.

"In fact, there has been some independent laboratory tests done on some devices which have concluded that."

Mr Knipe has also warned consumers that there are safety concerns over some of the products being used in many homes and businesses across Northern Ireland

"Furthermore, and most concerning, is that some of the devices have actually been shown to be dangerous," he said.