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Haass talks: Team receives over 600 documents to consider

Richard Haass and Meghan O'Sullivan
Image caption Dr Haass and his colleague, Meghan O'Sullivan, will return to Belfast for a final round of talks on 9 December

As the inter-party negotiations on parades, flags and the past approach their final crucial month, it is clear that Dr Richard Haass's team not only have a lot of talking still to do, but they will not be short on reading matter either.

The team invited interested parties, groups and individuals to send them written submissions though their website. By late November, the Haass team confirmed they had received more than 600 documents.

The Haass team includes two researchers, whose duties include reading and processing the information in all of the submissions.


Initially Dr Haass asked the five Stormont parties who are taking the main role in the negotiations to give him their ideas in confidence.

The DUP leader Peter Robinson says he wants to keep his party's proposals private until the talks are over, as he believes if the politicians reveal their hands it will limit their room for manoeuvre.

By contrast in mid-November Sinn Féin published its position on each of the three areas under discussion.

Image caption Richard Haass said he still believes a consensus can be reached between the political parties by the end of 2013

Other parties not at the table, such as Labour and the Northern Ireland Conservatives have published their submissions. So have a number of pressure groups and individuals.

Taken together the ideas represent the contrasting ideas of the community about how Northern Ireland should chart its future.

Informing debate

Our political editor Mark Devenport has asked any group or individual who want their submission to inform the current debate to send him a link to their documents.

Initially Mark published links to these submissions on his correspondent's page, but now we are bringing them together in one alphabetical list, that we will update as time goes on in accordance with our editorial guidelines.

Please keep Mark informed if you have a published submission you wish to add to the list below or have seen one elsewhere on the web which is not included.

He can be contacted via Twitter @markdevenport or e-mail

Haass submissions

Paul Allen

Amnesty International


Gerry Armstrong

Bookmakers atrocity families

Jamie Bryson

Coiste na nIarchimí

Committee on Administration of Justice

Community Relations Council

Conservative Party

Paul Crawford

Martin Doherty

Thomas Donaghy family

Michael Donnelly family

Peter Doran

Early Years

Healing Through Remembering

Initiative for Conflict-Related Trauma

Labour Party

Josephine Larmour

Frankie McKeown family

Thomas McWilliams

Roisin Ui Mhuiri

Declan Murphy 1

Declan Murphy 2

Michael Neill

New NI Flag

NI Women's European Platform

No Labels NI

Siobhan Nugent

Paul Quinn family

Pobal (in English)

Pobal (in Irish)

Relatives for Justice

Rights Watch (UK)

Seamus Simpson family

Sinn Féin

Terry Toolan family

Traditional Unionist Voice

United Protestant Voice

Workers Party

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