Northern Ireland

Prison officer Daniel Barclay denies misconduct over death of inmate Colin Bell

Colin Bell hanged himself at the jail in August 2008.
Image caption Colin Bell hanged himself in Maghaberry jail in August 2008

A prison officer has denied a charge of misconduct in public office over the death of prisoner who killed himself in a County Antrim jail five years ago.

Daniel Joseph Neal Barclay, from Belfast, told Craigavon Crown Court he was not guilty of the charge.

The case relates to Colin Bell, who took his life in Maghaberry jail in 2008. He was serving a life sentence for murder and was on suicide watch.

Mr Barclay, 35, failed in his bid to stop his name from being published.

The judge varied an anonymity order and ruled that the prison officer's name could be reported.

However, she has yet to decide if an image of the defendant can be published.

Mr Barclay's full address has also been withheld due to the threat posed to prison officers by paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland.

The judge is due to hear legal arguments between Mr Barclay's defence team and members of the media at the end of this month.

It is understood that his trial will take place next year.

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