Northern Ireland

Air accident probe into Fermanagh plane crash

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Media captionTwo men are rescued after their plane ditches in Lough Erne

Air accident investigators are trying to establish what caused a light aircraft to lose power, forcing it to ditch into Lough Erne in County Fermanagh.

The pilot and his passenger swam to safety when their plane came down in the water near Teemore on 15 November.

The plane now lies on the lake bed, its position marked by a police buoy.

The four-seater Cessna was carrying out aerial photography from Saint Angelo airport, Enniskillen.

At about 16:00 GMT, an oil pressure warning light came on and the plane lost power.

The pilot realised there were no fields large enough to land the plane safely and decided to bring it down in water.

He put out a distress call. The Irish Coastguard helicopter was deployed along with two lifeboats.

The pilot and his passenger escaped through a window in the plane and swam ashore. They made their way to a local house where they were given dry clothes.

Despite their ordeal, they were unharmed.

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