Hundreds attend Shankill bombing church service

image captionAn IRA bomb killed nine innocent people and one of the bombers when it exploded on the Shankill Road in north Belfast. A service took place to mark the 20th anniversary of the atrocity and remember the nine innocent victims.
image captionJohn Frizzell, 63, owned the fish shop where the bomb exploded. His daughter Sharon was also killed.
image captionSharon McBride, 29, was helping her father John in the shop when the bomb exploded.
image captionEvelyn Baird, 27, was killed along with her partner Michael Morrison. She was a mother of three and one of her children also died in the blast.
image captionMichael Morrison, 27, died along with his partner Evelyn. They were the parents of three children, one of whom also died in the explosion.
image captionMichelle Baird, 7, was the youngest of the victims and killed along with her parents Michael Morrison and Evelyn Baird.
image captionGeorge Williamson, 63, and Gillian Williamson, 49, were out shopping when they were both killed in the blast, leaving behind two children.
image captionWilma McKee, 38, was injured in the blast and died a day later from her injuries. The bomb exploded as she walked past the front of the shop.
image captionLeanne Murray, 13, was out shopping at the time of the explosion. She had left her mother to go into the shop where the bomb detonated.

Hundreds of people have attended a service to remember nine people murdered in the Shankill bomb.

A service to mark the 20th anniversary of the bombing took place in West Kirk Presbyterian Church.

The DUP MP Willie McCrea has raised the anniversary of the bombing at Westminster.

Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions, the South Antrim MP said that "no-one should equate victims with murderers".

In response the prime minister said "no-one should glorify terrorism".

Memorial service

image captionA church service was held to remember those who were killed in the Shankill bomb.

He urged people in Northern Ireland to "come together for a shared future".

During the service shops on the Shankill Road pulled down their shutters as a mark of respect and part of the road has been closed.

Hundreds of people stood outside the church to hear the special memorial service.

Pupils from the Harmony Primary School and the Girls Model laid flowers at a nearby memorial and at the actual bomb site further up the road.

This coincided with the time the bomb went off exactly 20 years ago.

Nine Protestant civilians were killed in the 1993 attack in Belfast, as well as one of the IRA bombers - Thomas Begley.

Among the dead were two children aged seven and 13. The attack took place on a busy Saturday afternoon in October in the heart of one of Belfast's best known loyalist areas.

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