Northern Ireland

Haass talks success key to Northern Ireland economy

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Image caption CBI chairman Ian Coulter said the Haass talks could build on Northern Ireland international reputation

CBI Northern Ireland chairman, Ian Coulter, has emphasised the importance of finding a resolution to the divisive issues facing the community.

Mr Coulter was speaking as US diplomat Richard Haass arrived in Northern Ireland to chair all-party talks.

He said a successful conclusion to the talks by the December deadline was a key economic requirement.

That would be essential, he said, if more jobs and greater and shared prosperity were to be secured.

"The CBI urges all political parties, and other key stakeholders, to do everything they can to support these talks over the coming weeks. We must all focus on delivering a successful outcome," Mr Coulter said.

"We would also urge our politicians to avoid media confrontations and divisive language to give the talks the best chance of success.

"The business community will strongly support every political party who tries to support the Haass talks in these ways."