Northern Ireland

Clifton Street Orange hall attacked with paint

Clifton Street Orange hall
Image caption Clifton Street Orange hall has been attacked several times recently

An Orange hall close to Belfast city centre has been attacked with paint.

The attack on Clifton Street Orange hall happened shortly after 21:30 BST on Monday. Paint was thrown at the front gate and railings of the hall.

The Orange Order said it was the sixth time the hall had been attacked since July of last year.

Belfast County Grand Master George Chittick accused republicans of waging a "hate campaign" against it.

"Brethren in north Belfast are to be greatly commended for their resolve and fortitude, despite such blatant sectarian harassment and the stoking of tensions by republicans," he said.

"Their quiet dignity stands in stark contrast to the mindless idiocy of those who simply have no respect or tolerance for a differing viewpoint."

Police have appealed for anyone with information about the attack to contact them.

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