Northern Ireland

Londonderry men deny having armour-piercing rocket

Three Londonderry men have denied possessing an armour-piercing bomb.

Jason Ceulemans, 41, from the Lecky Road, Damien Harkin, 48, from Westland Avenue and Neil Hegarty, 48, from Sackville Court, all in Derry, pleaded not guilty to possessing the rocket with intent to endanger life.

The men also deny having the device under suspicious circumstances and having items for terrorist purposes.

The judge remanded all three back into custody until their trial in November.

The arraignment on a count of conspiring together to cause an explosion was adjourned by Belfast Crown Court for legal applications to be heard.

Previous courts have heard how the rocket, referred to as "an explosively formed projectile type improvised device" or EFP, is a special type of shaped charge designed to penetrate armour effectively at distances.

The EFP was uncovered in a car that was stopped by the police in the Creggan area of the city on 6 December 2012.