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Police investigate 'big cat' sightings and sheep attacks


Police are investigating so-called "big cat" sightings in County Down.

Reports of a number of animal attacks on sheep in the Hillsborough and Dromara areas are also being followed up.

According to police, farmers in the Hill Road, Ballynahinch Road and Mullaghdrin Road areas are reported to have found sheep killed in what appeared to be attacks by a predator.

Other landowners have found that sheep are missing or bloodied and injured.

'Big cat' sightings have been reported by some residents in the same general area over a similar period of time.

Police said local officers were "making inquiries".

"While we would stress that there has been no confirmation of the presence of any 'big cat' in the area, we would ask that anyone who has lost sheep or other livestock in similar fashion recently or anyone who sees an animal which they believe to be dangerous, get in contact with police," a police spokesperson said.

"Under no circumstances should any wild or undomesticated animal be approached."