Northern Ireland

New jobs with Northern Ireland fence firm project

barbed wire fence
Image caption MicroSense Solutions is developing a new fence system to work alongside traditional fences

A company from Northern Ireland is to create 10 new jobs as part of a project to develop a new wireless fence system.

MicroSense Solutions Ltd is investing £580,000 in the research and creation of perimeter security.

They are looking at a system involving a microwave barrier - to create an invisible, intruder detection zone.

It would be installed beside a conventional fence and could work alongside CCTV to transmit pictures from the fence to mobile devices.

Invest NI has offered £274,000 towards the project.

Invest NI Chief Executive Alastair Hamilton said: "This new approach to perimeter security has the potential for widespread global application in many markets, ranging from military, to airports, prisons, power plants, schools and business facilities.

"The project will bring together microwave and communications technology to create a security solution that has many benefits over existing systems, and which is already attracting attention from interested parties around the world."

MicroSense Solutions is a spin-out company from the Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT) at Queen's University Belfast.