Northern Ireland

Ex-policeman Roger Mahon fined over computer misuse

A former police officer who accessed the police computer system to find out details on his partner's children and his own has been fined £3,000 at Limavady Magistrate's Court.

Roger Mahon, 48, whose address was given as c/o PSNI Limavady faced a total of six charges dating back to April 2010.

The court was told that on 1 April Mahon accessed the police NICHE computer system to check for three home addresses.

There was no evidence he accessed any other data.

Two of the addresses were connected to his new partner and the other was his ex-wife's mother.

On 19 April, Mahon again accessed the NICHE system seeking details of his ex-wife's children.

When interviewed Mahon admitted accessing the computer system and said he was concerned about his partner's children and wanted to check if there was anything on them in the system.

He also said he was concerned about his own children after his break up and was trying to find information about them.


A defence solicitor said that Mahon had been "an excellent police officer" who had had domestic difficulties.

He said that he felt compelled to go on the police computer to find out information about his children due to concern for them.

The solicitor said he accepts what he had done was wrong and had since been pensioned off from the force.

The judge said that Mahon had been "forthright" as to what he had been up to.

He said that there was never any possibility that he was not going to get caught and he added that Mahon had used his own username when accessing the data.

However, the judge said that the amount of data that was held today had to be protected.

He fined Mahon £500 on each charge totalling £3,000