Dublin Garda officers arrested in ATM fraud probe

Two Dublin-based police officers are being questioned about their alleged involvement in an ATM bank card scam.

The two - both men in their 30s who are rank-and file officers - are being questioned at Leixlip Garda Station in County Kildare.

They have both been suspended from the force pending the outcome of the criminal inquiry.

The officers are stationed in the Dublin area, but not in the the district where they are being held.

It is understood they are being asked about allegations relating to the use of bank ATM cards.

They were arrested on Tuesday morning in the Dublin area by detectives from the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Activity, as part of an investigation into alleged fraudulent activity.

The two officers and a third man, who is not a police officer, are suspected of withdrawing cash from ATMs a number of times earlier this year and then fraudulently claiming to their bank that the hole-in-the-wall machines did not issue the money.

It is understood the bank then reimbursed money based on complaints that the cash machine had malfunctioned.

The three were identified when the bank's internal monitoring system picked up a pattern of cash reimbursements.

The amount of cash involved in the alleged fraud is less than 2,000 euros. Each transaction was for a small amount of cash.

The incidents happened over a couple of months at a number of locations in Dublin during the year.

The Garda Press Office statement said the two police officers are both being questioned under section four of the Criminal Justice Act.

That means they can be held for up to 24 hours of questioning before being charged or released.