Northern Ireland

Police warning over fire-resistant glass 'fraud'

Police have urged anyone who may have bought "fire-resistant" window glass from a company called Glassworks Ireland Ltd to have it checked.

Concerns were raised with police over glass supplied by the company which had been marked as "Pyroguard".

Pyroguard is a recognised, approved and certified fire-rated glass. However, Glassworks Ireland Ltd have not purchased it from the manufacturer.

Two people have been arrested and questioned as part of a fraud inquiry.

They have since been released on bail.

Glassworks Ireland Ltd is based in Hillview industrial estate, Randalstown, County Antrim.

Det Ch Insp Colin Gillis said: "There is absolutely no concern regarding Pyroguard products supplied by other companies and our appeal is only to those who have dealt with Glassworks Ireland Ltd.

"It is extremely important that anyone who has had fire-resistant glass supplied by this company takes steps to confirm it is the legitimate product, even if the glass is marked with an 'official' stamp and has an accompanying certificate of authenticity implying that it is fire-resistant glass."