Northern Ireland

NI police hunt two on HMRC's most-wanted tax evasion list

Police are looking for two men in Northern Ireland who are on a government list of the UK's most-wanted tax evaders.

A warrant for one of them, Michael "Arthur" Fearon, was issued in Newry, County Down, for allegedly avoiding £2m in cigarette duty.

The other is a County Galway man who is believed to be at large in Northern Ireland or the Irish Republic.

Rory Martin McGann, 43, is accused of an alleged VAT fraud of £900,000.

He was arrested in November 2008, but later fled.

It has emerged that out of 20 people named on a government list last year, only one has been tracked down.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) published the names and photographs of people it said had cost taxpayers millions in lost revenue, but 19 remain at large.

HMRC said it had intelligence on a number of suspects and 10 more faces have now been added to its gallery.

It said last year's appeal had helped provide intelligence on 15 of the alleged offenders, while one was arrested.

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