Northern Ireland

Jamie Bryson acts as legal adviser to James Dowson

Jamie Bryson and James Dowson
Image caption Both Mr Bryson and Mr Dowson are awaiting trial on charges arising out of the union flag dispute

Loyalist flags protest leader Jamie Bryson has appeared at Belfast Magistrates Court on Tuesday as a legal adviser for his loyalist colleague James Dowson.

Mr Dowson, from Burn Road, Comber, but originally from Scotland, represented himself during a remand hearing but Mr Bryson was acting as his adviser.

Mr Bryson sat in the public gallery and was allowed to take notes.

Both men are awaiting trial on charges arising out of the union flag dispute.

Charges against them include taking part in an unnotified procession and encouraging or assisting offenders.

On Monday, a number of Mr Dowson's bail conditions were changed to allow him to use a computer for legal research and he was permitted to have a mobile phone as long as it did not have a connection to the internet.

The judge expressed concern at the time it was taking police to complete their files in the case.

In June, the prosecution said the files would be ready in a week but the court heard on Monday they were still not complete.

The case was adjourned for six days.