Northern Ireland

Another Kate welcomes her own 'royal' baby

Katie McCrory and the Duchess of Cambridge
Image caption Katie McCrory from Lisburn welcomed her own little boy ahead of the Royal prince

As the UK celebrates the birth of the new prince to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, one Northern Ireland woman with uncanny coincidences with the royal new mum was also celebrating.

Katie McCrory gave birth to her son Luke at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast on Monday at 04:41BST weighing 8lbs 14 oz.

Twelve hours later, at 16:24 BST, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a boy weighing 8lb 6oz.

But both new mothers share the name Catherine, the same birthday - 9 January - and now their sons also share the same birth date.

Katie from Lisburn said the first she heard the news was when a friend told her.

"I announced my pregnancy around the same time that Kate announced hers and I joked with my family about the baby being born on the same day. I never thought it would happen."

The new mum who left hospital on Monday afternoon, just hours after giving birth to her son, said she had plenty of help from family.

"I don't have aides but I don't need them. Our mums and dads and brothers have been helping out."

"Luke is such a good baby, he's a starvo but he's doing really well, feeding well and really content."

"I don't really follow the royals closely but it will be nice to see the prince take his first steps and do all the other little things my little boy will be doing. "

And she says, "my son will be able to say the prince shares his birthday because he was born first."